Alchemic Chocolate Conditioner 250ml

$51.90 NZD

Coloured conditioning cream, today even more effective thanks to its new, biodegradable and natural formula, with a high concentration of pure pigments. It is suggested to enhance natural or cosmetic dark brown to black hair. 




Intensifies natural or cosmetic colours
Maintains the brilliance of colours
Gives high conditioning effect
Parabens and silicones free



95% natural derived ingredients
98% biodegradable ingredients
Direct pigments - pigments that colour directly without the activator use
Ecocert Vitamin E - antioxidant action
Jojoba Oil - regenerate the scalp - conditioning effect

How to Use


Evenly apply a suitable amount of product on washed damp hair. Leave to work for 5 to 8 minutes, comb through, then rinse.


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    Alchemic Chocolate Conditioner 250ml