LOVE CURL Cleansing Cream 500ml

$72.50 NZD

All in one: shampoo and conditioner ideal for wavy to very curly hair. A mild moisturizing low foam cleansing cream that gently takes away impurities and gives extremely soft hair. Thanks to it’s extra conditioning and nourishing effect doesn’t need the conditioner afterwards.
The scent that characterizes the LOVE family has a citrus and green note.




Sugar-based surfactant - It is extremely mild for the keratin and the lipids of the hair.
“Super” Noto Almond Extract - it is moisturising and nourishing.

How to Use


Apply a generous amount of product, gently massage into damp hair and scalp. Leave in for 5 minutes and rinse. It is not necessary the application of conditioner. Alternate every third shampoo with LOVE/curl shampoo and conditioner or hair mask.


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LOVE CURL Cleansing Cream 500ml